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Form new basement to rear garden of a terraced house to include bedroom with ensuite and utility room and deepen existing basement to increase head height to 3.00m


Underpin existing garden wall to RHS, demolish and rebuild garden wall to LHS. Mini pile rear of the garden to protect existing tree roots. Form concrete box and reseed garden to conceal new basement.


Client: -
Principle Contractor: -
Structural Engineer: -
Architect: -
Location: Paultons Sq,Chelsea, SW3



A company you can trust

We would like to thank Patterson Construction Limited for the smooth, efficient and speedily carried out façade retention, demolition, underpinning and raft slab to our Oxford Street project. We look forward to working with their team again in the future.
Emperor Group

We have worked with Patterson Construction for a number of years on varied contracts and have found them to be very professional and thorough in all aspects of the work involved. We have learned a lot from their problem solving initiatives on difficult contracts through to their steadfastness in ensuring contracts completed on time.

We worked with Patterson Construction Limited on a very complex basement in Shoreditch. PCL went down 2 levels in concrete and waterproofing and up 4 levels in steel. There were numerous problems on the project and they overcame each and every one. We now have a very successful hotel and restaurant and I would recommend these guys to any main contractor.
Neil Crow, Soho House

Having worked with Patterson Construction on several contracts over a number of years, they have always maintained a professional and efficient working relationship with our company.
Eamonn Malone, Thames Materials

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